TSSC manufactures different types of high-performance and durable standing seam metal roof panels

Metal roofs have been popular since ancient times; these have high resistance, longevity, and impermeability. Standing seams are metal panels that are raised, these run vertically, the edges between the panels are folded and crimped. These roofs do not require much maintenance and offer maximum resistance to high winds and have a higher fire rating. Standing seam metal roof panels are hidden fastener metal panels with vertical legs and a flat and broad surface between the legs.



Standing Seam Roofing

There are different types of standing seam roofs, and there are so many kinds of seaming methods used during the manufacturing process. 


Non-structural panel – These panel systems use two different sections – the flat panel and the seam. The seam area breaks over the clips to conceal and protect the fasteners. The spacer clips are installed with the battern system and locked in the place. These types of seam metal roofs cannot be installed as a raised system; instead, a solid substrate must be used. Within this type, curved panels are also available. 


Continuous seam with positive locking- This type of roof design uses an integral seam. Each panel snaps over the previous panel and fastened with the clips. No seam caps are needed, which decreases the potential for sneaking off the seam. These systems can be directly fixed to any solid substrate. 


Mechanically seamed in the field – A seamed metal roofing system can be seamed mechanically during the installation. The system offers different seam heights, so the higher seams add to the system’s structural stability. Sliding clips are installed that have immense tolerance during changes in temperature. This is due to the sliding mechanism it uses during expansion and contraction. Mechanical seams use the radius formation to allow curves. 

Standing seam metal roofs are available in different materials and colors. The lighter shades are comparatively cooler due to resistance from solar heat gain. All types of materials used offer durability, resistance, corrosion, and longevity. Different materials are used, which include aluminum, zinc-coated alloy coated copper, and steel. You can choose according to the weather, budget, and preference. 


A standing seam roof is installed over insulated materials for more energy efficiency. The insulation lowers noise issues found in a few metal systems. These systems are generally used for roof slopes and do not use fasteners that are exposed. There is a tightly interlocking system within the raised seams that arrests water penetration. A standing seam allows you to mount items like swamp coolers, solar panels, snow retention systems, and other rooftop accessories. The best part is that you do not need to make any hole on the roof surface. Some of the features of our seam roofs are durability, wind action sustainability, the right amount of expansion and contraction, watertight, and fire resistance. 


TSSC manufactures standing seam metal roofs that have deficient maintenance. A seamed metal roof costs a little more compared to all other types of metal roofing. The durability is very high, for instance, a steel roof coated with aluminum-zinc alloy can last for almost 100 years. We are reputed for designing insulated panels in the UAE, and we have over four decades of experience in this field; therefore, our products are reliable. Request for a quote.