TSSC manufacturing sandwich panels for cold storages and warehouses

Cold storages require solid thermal insulation, and this is why sandwich panels are used. These panels have a core that is made from polyurethane for better insulation. You can think of increasing it as you keep on adding thickness to the sandwich panels. The Middle East has extreme weather conditions, the days are very hot, and the nights are cooler. This is why there is a massive demand for these insulated panels. 

Sandwich panels for cold storage possess a consistent style of construction. Sturdy polyurethane foam is used at a very high density, and it remains in the center. Also, there are two exterior layers having cladding of galvanized steel. TSSC in the UAE manufactures high-quality sandwich panels that offer the ultimate thermal insulation, apt for refrigerated rooms and cold storages. Our sandwich panels are used across industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, health, chemists, beverages, flowers, and more. Our panels efficiently control the cooling and the heating, which proves to be very energy efficient. Its air-tight prevents heat; also, the sandwich panels are the perfect solution for cold storages. You can consider it a sound investment.   

Do you have your cold storage or warehouse in the UAE and decided to install sandwich panels? Do not worry because TSSC delivers it directly to your doorstep. Our solutions include catering to industries that include logistics, food processing, and distribution, beverages, pharma, etc.  


Are you looking for a sleek and portable solution?

You could invest in a walk-in-freezer which looks almost like a Walk-in cold room? These freezers can function efficiently at very low temperatures, between -18C to -22C. The units can maintain an even temperature that proves to be beneficial in storing products for months in hygienic and healthy conditions. 

We also have skid-mounted ones that are portable and are installed upon mobile units; you can name it as mobile refrigerating systems. You can easily lift the structure using a crane or a flatbed truck, which is very simple to use for offshore applications. The unit’s base is made of steel, and this offers ample durability and mobility. We have the latest invention, its TSSC’s pre-insulated HVAC ductwork. Our expert engineers have used the most innovative technology while creating this solution. We use PIR and PUR; the outer layers are made of aluminum sheets. 

If you are looking for insulated panels and get in touch with TSSC, we are the most prominent manufacturers of insulated panels used mainly for various applications. We offer high-quality warehouse sandwich panels that are ideal for installing in your warehouse. We offer customized solutions based on client requirements. We believe that there is no one solution for all; every requirement is different. 

TSSC has a vast customer base, and we have so many satisfied customers for more than the past four decades. We are the leaders in manufacturing building and construction supplies in the UAE. If you have a cold storage or warehouse and wish to install insulating panels, discuss your requirements. Do send us your needs and we have a solution for you.