TSSC manufacturing standing seam roof panels in the UAE

Are you looking for a modern roofing solution? The roof is a very important part of a house, and you can never compromise with it. A well-constructed and robust roof and a sturdy foundation are the primary factors that make a good house. How about installing a technologically advanced roofing solution? A standing seam roof is a very adaptable and durable roofing choice. 


In the UAE, the weather is so harsh that the insulation is extremely important. For better insulation, it is wise to add roof panels vertically across the roof’s length. There are sufficient seams for setting up a connection in between the panels. 


TSSC operates under Harwal BASECO:

TSSC manufactures high-quality modern roofing solutions, and this is why our clients have trusted us for more than 40 years. Our clients have appreciated the quality we offer. Our vertically placed panels are hassle-free to install; hire a trained professional for installation and the right kind of maintenance. TSSC manufactures standing seam roof panels under the brand name Harwal BASECO. These are structural roofs that are filed seamed mechanically. Our panels are long-lasting and can endure harsh weather conditions and are resistant to the wind. These roofing sheets are curved and tapered, out panels are suitable for all types of construction. 


TSSC panels available in various colors and designs:

TSSC offers insulated panels along with necessary accessories. Our panels have durability and are not prone to rust. Traditional roofs show signs of leaks and damage, but these panels can protect. The panels are placed together, and the seams are lifted for full protection. These are beautiful in terms of roof and design; the seams’ outer part is made of various colors and shapes. Different materials ensure that you find the right solution according to your taste, budget, and needs. We offer accessories, including tapers, skylights, roof penetration, and other stuff that match the roof design. 


Investing in TSSC panels is worth – the ideal choice for your property:

Now, if you are thinking of the pricing, it’s a worthwhile investment. If you compare the price of insulated roof panels to shingles and asphalt roofs, definitely spending a bit more on insulated panels is worth it. TSSC panels are known for durability and reliability. TSSC seam panels do not require any regular maintenance; therefore, you can save cost and time. 


TSSC standing seam roof panels are the right choice for your property. These are apt for city structures and barns; you can reach us for a solution if you need consultation. TSSC has an expert team of consultants to find the right pattern and style you are looking for. 


TSSC – The leaders in offering insulated panels 


TSSC is one of the most reputed and renowned standing seam suppliers in the UAE. We manufacture high-quality insulated panels, and we do not ever compromise quality. We share a great bond with our customers; they rely on our solutions.                         


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The installation process is not the same as it is done for a traditional roof. A solid form of coverage is needed that shows movement due to thermal expansion. This form of roofing is a metal panel system that uses a hidden fastener. The panel is attached to the roof deck by fastening directly to the decking material or by clipping. 

Seam roof panels allow ample thermal movement, which is beneficial. Sometimes, the expansion and contraction could be hindered; it can interfere with the thermal movement. There could be problems like noise, oil canning, fastener withdrawal, and some other issues. Here, the panels are not pinned, and this means that they are highly expandable and allow seamless contraction. This is evident if the expansion slider/clips are installed or a snap locking mechanism for free movement.