The versatility of metal standing seam roof panels in East Africa

Historically standing seam corrugated or metal roofs were used in agricultural and commercial buildings. However, it has been a few years that metal roofs have gained popularity for homes. Standing seams are very common these days in the eastern part of Africa. Aluminum and galvanized steel are the two types of materials used for roofing. The metals are coated for color preservation and extra protection. Standing seam roof in East Africa is an architecturally superior and versatile roofing system that has weatherproofing qualities. 

Standing seam roof in East Africa is a hidden metal fixed roof system that features vertical ribs with a pan or a flat space in the middle. The edges on the side of a roof panel are seamed along the length of the connecting roof panels. Metal roofs are durable, have adequate insulation and have weatherproofing qualities. 

Insulation properties of the standing seam panels

The roof is a very important part of the construction, and it requires adequate protection for maintenance. A roof is exposed to all the weather extremities. Therefore, it requires double protection that standing seam roof panels can offer. Eastern Africa has a tropical climate, the days are extremely hot. The air cooler keeps on running the whole day, and it has to perform under pressure for the whole day. The result is huge energy bills which can reduce the performance of the cooling system. An insulated roof can help in reducing your energy bills by aiding in faster cooling.

Customized standing seam roofs 

A standing seam roof in East Africa consists of a core, two face sheets on both sides. These roof panels are made from superior quality sandwich panels. The panels offer insulation, weather resistance, robustness and cost-effectiveness. The standing seam panels are tapered and curved, but you can customize them based on your requirements.

Long-lasting metal panels 

Metal roofs are expensive compared to asphalt shingles, and the former is long-lasting. Metal roofs can last for almost 40-47 years, which is a very long time. At the same time, traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life of an average of 20 years. 

 The types of metal roof panels 

TSSC is one of the renowned insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa that offers snap-lock panels and field-seamed panels. These snap lock panels are fixed to the deck of the roof with the help of clips. This facilitates thermal movement to the metal panels. The field seam panels are similar to the snap-lock ones but the fixing clip should be crimped with the hand or machine. There are four metal roof panels:

  • One-piece snap lock
  • Symmetrical seam
  • Double-lock seam
  • Two-piece snap-lock interlock     


Final words

TSSC Group operates in East Africa, manufacturing complete construction solutions and expert roofing, cladding solutions. We have been designing functional solutions for more than 40 years. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels. We have clients belonging from various industries and are content with our services. 

Have a consultation with the TSSC experts if you are looking for a long-term solution. We are among the top insulated panel manufacturers in East Africa. Please discuss your project with our team.