The high amount of insulation and cost-reduction offered by lightweight concrete panels

TSSC lightweight concrete panels are formed from foaming concrete, with synthetic fibers and additives. The panels have tongues and grooves on the four sides for easier and faster installation. There is very little amount of mortar needed, so debris and dust would be minimized during the installation process. This is why you do not need to conduct lengthy cleaning, thus saving the cost of construction due to minimal requirement of laborers. Our panels have brilliant physical properties, sound insulation, and high heat. The concrete panels are also waterproof, lightweight, and fireproof with high weight. The panels are produced using steel grid reinforcement, which gives a lot of safety and mechanical properties. TSSC concrete panels are an excellent choice for walls, ceilings, floors, houses, offices and reduce the time of construction.


Features of lightweight concrete panels

Speedy construction and savings in labor costs – You can imagine how fast the process can be when we tell you that 3 of our workers can construct a 15m square wall in just an hour almost. 

Easy installation – Communication cables and electric pipelines can be installed faster, cheaper, and more accessible. 

Saving of mortar – The amount of mortar required for work is only 20-25% compared to bricks and almost 50% when compared to ACC and CLC blocks. 

Energy savings – TSSC wall panels are used in high-rise buildings. It helps in saving energy bills by reducing the heating and air-conditioning costs due to excellent insulation. 

Environment friendly – Our product is environmentally friendly and an initiative to protect the environment. This process eliminates the CO2 that is emitted from clay brick production, which brings climate change. 

You can also call it a mineral wool panel since mineral wool is used for insulation. Mineral wool is made by melting basalt stone and slag that is recycled from steel mills; it is then spun into the fiber, again formed into boards and batts.

Mineral wool is known for excellent thermal insulation, which helps in restricting the heat transfer via the building envelopes. This reduces the demand for heating and cooling energy. The result is there is a year-long comfort inside. This mineral wool in-between the concrete panels improves the floors, walls, and roofs’ acoustic insulation. This material is non-combustible, so it offers in-built fire protection and contributes to fire safety. Mineral wool was here for decades, but now it’s making a comeback in improved versions. 

When you use concrete panels, the investor can save a lot and enormous can-do profits. There are more cost savings due to the early completion of the project and savings in foundation cost. 

TSSC concrete panels are mainly used for constructing walls that do not bear any load. Concrete panels having a thickness of 100mm are used for inner partitions, and those that are 150/200mm thick are for the outer walls. We have high-density panels for load-bearing, used for houses having 1-2 floors. The panels are also used in hospitals, warehouses, schools, industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, and moderate to low budget housing projects.