TSSC Easy wall panel systems – We are the leaders in manufacturing lightweight cement wall panels

Concrete is a very heavy building material, and there have been many experiments performed regarding this throughout the 20th century so that the weight could be decreased. But, in trial and error methods, its properties were being affected. But finally, during the 1920s and 1930s lightweight concrete was developed. 

How are lightweight panels made?

Do you know how lightweight concrete is manufactured? These concrete panels are made by attaching two panels made of calcium silicates that look similar to a sandwich. These panels also contain cement, ceramsite, polystyrene beads. These panels are composite and are lightweight, non-load bearing panels mainly used for roofing, flooring, and walling. 

Lightweight panels about 80% less dense:

Prefabricated walls are manufactured using lightweight cement wall panels. These lightweight panels are used for different types of construction. A lot of contractors are showing interest in using these panels for modern-day building and construction. These panels are very much lightweight and made of concrete and about 80% less dense than usual concrete. 


Why is it ‘lightweight’?

Do you think why these are called ‘lightweight’ concrete panels? The mixture that is used is made of abrasive aggregate that is exceptionally lightweight. These aggregates are used primarily in structural concrete, mostly formed of shale, expandable clay, or slate (fire-roasted in a kiln). 

Lightweight cement wall panels have a number of benefits that are associated with its intrinsic properties and characteristics. Lightweight panels have an extremely low density, and the result of the low density is low conduction of heat. The material is excellent, water, and fire-resistant, also very simple to handle at the construction site without any heavy equipment. 

 Salient features of lightweight panels:

 Take a look at why contractors consider TSSC’s panels:

  • Faster construction
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Low density and higher strength
  • Good quality construction
  • Resistance against fire and sound insulation
  • Lower building costs
  • Superior-quality construction

 Easy Wall panels manufactured by TSSC:

TSSC in the UAE are the leaders in manufacturing insulated panels; our lightweight panels are used in the construction. We manufacture Easy Wall panels that have gained ample customer trust and appreciation. Our Easy wall panels are made from a fiber cement board, the composite core of the interior is made from light concrete formed from aggregates, additives, cement, and admixtures. We mix the materials so perfectly that it gives strength and rigidity. 

Certified panels from TSSC:

TSSC offers insulated panels in the form of single panels, cavity wall systems, and twin panels. Our panels are used in residential projects, commercial buildings, apartments, schools, and other construction sites. These panels are tested and internationally accredited by governing bodies. 

TSSC – Request for a quote:

We have been manufacturing panels for more than four decades, and those are perfect for modern construction. Our panels act as an aid to the developers and building contractors in meeting their requirements. Our efficient team designs and manufactures advanced construction supplies in the UAE. You can discuss your needs related to wall panel systems with us, come for a consultation, and request a quote.