Things You Need to Know before Investing in an Insulated Panel – Opt for EASYWALL from TSSC

Insulated panels are also known as ‘sandwich panels,’ these have layers that consist of two thin sheets that act as cover, and there is a core in the middle. These panels have extreme durability because the layers are well connected, and this is why you can also call them composite panels. These panels are manufactured in different designs, and generally, the outer shell has stainless steel, a galvanized sheet of steel, or glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The core consists of insulating material like polyurethane, rock wool, PIR, and PUR. The layers are strong enough to protect the spongy core from outer influences. There are different types of insulated panels, the wall panels, the roof panels, cold room panels, and ECO room panels. 

Insulated panels are used across various industries like automotive, construction, aerospace, etc. These panels are ideal as it saves time, reduces cost and weight as well. The panels can be installed on walls, ceiling, and roof. The panels come directly from the manufacturing unit and are ready to use. The panels can be fixed to a sustainable structure and can be useful for stable roofs or walls with high insulation. The panels are also heavily used for hall construction and roofs in buildings. For example, an easy panel wall system is very beneficial for the building industry. Sandwich panels that have a fire-proof core are used as fire-protection wall panels

Different layers protect the panels from various environmental factors like corrosion and UV radiation. It’s essential to study the environmental factors before buying these panels. Only then can you select the right kind of material and coating. The thicker panels are very durable and sturdy; you can walk on those without causing any damage, but the thinner materials are light-weight and not very stable. These panels are galvanized to prevent corrosion. The insulated panels are coated with standard polyester, in both interior and exterior. The core is protected by steel or aluminum sheets, and the core can have a variety of thicknesses. 

If you order insulated panels, these come well-packed to prevent any damage during transportation. Sometimes you might have to store these panels due to logistics. You must make sure that these panels do not lie on the floor directly. There should be polystyrene spacers or timber on which the panels can rest, and those have to be wider than the panels. Keep the panels in dust-free and dry, well-ventilated rooms and do not store for more than six months. 

Are you looking for a manufacturer offering an easy panel wall system in the Middle East? You can invest in the EASYWALL, a TSSC product which is a sandwich panel made of cement board in the exterior and is the best replacement for block walls. It is a very efficient construction wall product heavily used in the construction sector. 

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