The benefits TSSC’s refrigerated box in West Africa offers to businesses

Transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive items from cold storage to distribution centers has always been important. Previously, the items were sealed inside a vehicle where they used to almost perish due to temperature differences. It all changed after refrigerated trucks were invented. These vehicles have helped in taking ahead business and logistics. A refrigerated truck box in West Africa is facilitated to offer 24/7 cooling.

Thermal insulation is an important factor

A refrigerated truck box in West Africa is suitable for transporting fresh, frozen, chilled beverages and foods. Our truck boxes have a cooling system that can withhold temperatures ranging from +15 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius. This ensures that the items would stay fresh during transportation. The trucks can travel long distances and have great durability, sturdiness, and adequate insulation. The truck body is airtight and waterproof. The refrigerated trucks are built with six insulated panels for long-lasting thermal insulation. In the worst situation if the air cooler system fails, the insulation will be able to keep the inner chambers cool at a specific temperature for almost 8 to 10 hours.                                                    

Cooling pickup vans and medical units

TSSC Group refrigerated boxes are durable and ensure high-quality insulation with adequate thermal insulation. These vans are easy to clean and do not require daily maintenance. These pickup vans offer a suitable temperature-controlled environment for your items and goods. Some of the flooring options include checkered aluminum plates and polyurea coating. TSSC cooling vans are suitable for small businesses like supermarkets, restaurants and stores.    

TSSC Group offers customized special vehicles and customized medical clinic trailers for medical practitioners. These mobile trailer clinics are equipped with the latest medical technologies. They are fuel-efficient, safe and long-lasting. 

Insulated and refrigerated trucks 

TSSC employs modern construction techniques to design vehicles instead. These techniques ensure durability and thermal efficiency. We offer long-term and cost-effective solutions. TSSC’s insulated and lightweight refrigerated trucks can keep back on the humidity levels. Our refrigerated panels are waterproof, mold-free and hygienic. TSSC refrigerated truck boxes in West Africa are functional and corrosion-resistant. These vehicles are ideal for transporting perishable and temperature-sensitive goods. TSSC is a renowned truck body manufacturer in West Africa. We customize freezer vans in different shapes and sizes for better transportability and aesthetics. We also manufacture semi-trailers for portability.  

TSSC Group – an ISO 9001 company

TSSC Group has almost 50 years of experience in manufacturing insulated panels. TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 certified company bringing comprehensive construction materials and cooling products to your comprehensive products. The TSSC Group of engineers is talented and experienced in offering customized refrigerated units based on your requirements. We are the leaders in offering roofing and cladding solutions. Our team of builders and manufacturers provides every industry with portable and non-portable freezer systems that are affordable and durable. The panels are insulated and manufactured by implementing advanced technology. Do you want to discuss your project with our team? Book a free consultation with our engineers today. Request a no-obligation quotation now. We revert within a day.