Creating a sustainable solution with sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa

Traditional building methods are changing as the market is shifting towards modernism. Traditional methods are time-consuming and involve higher costs. The climatic condition in East Africa is extremely hot and humid. It gets difficult for the workers to spend long hours under the scorching heat during the summers. The other seasons also throw a challenge. Using insulated sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa is a modern concept. This eases the building process and creates a sustainable solution. There has been ample industrialization in Eastern Africa. The tourism and hospitality industry has flourished in the country. There are many new cold storages and warehouses set up for better business. 

Why is insulation very important?

A cold storage stores perishable goods including edible items in large quantities. Those goods require storing at a constant low temperature to maintain freshness. Items stored inside cold storage include food, medicine, flowers, seeds, cosmetics, candles and cologne. The agriculture department of the country heavily relies on cold storage solutions. However, running cold storage requires maintenance and paying a good amount on the energy bills. In addition, if the walls and ceiling are not adequately insulated, it could result in less cooling and a higher energy bill. Sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa increase efficiency, reducing daily energy consumption. 

Our panels ideal for commercial and residential use

Our cold store panels in East Africa are lightweight, hygienic, and easy to install. Sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa are suitable for installing inside commercial and residential facilities that require climate control. In addition, TSSC brings to you insulated doors, pre-insulated air duct systems, hygienic flooring for residential and commercial applications. Our engineers understand that different temperature and humidity levels are needed to store various products under the desired temperature. 

Sandwich panels have an insulated core

TSSC Group designs sandwich panels that have an insulated core. It is protected between the two metal sheets. TSSC panels are durable, long-lasting, water-proof, sound-proof and are fire-resistant. Installing cold store panels in East Africa is no tedious or expensive task. The installation procedure is simple and can be completed in only a few hours. The panels do not require heavy or expensive maintenance. There are various types of core that are used to manufacture sandwich panels. Choose the PIR core that offers strong thermal insulation. The panels are smooth, micro-striated or striated. 

Get cold store solutions from TSSC Group

TSSC has clients from various industries in East Africa. TSSC is an ISO-9001 company manufacturing premium building materials, including roofing and cladding. In addition, we are renowned in the country for manufacturing premium sandwich panels for commercial and residential use. 

Are you interested in installing sandwich panels for cold storage in East Africa? We are experts in designing construction and building supplies. TSSC offers customized supplies. 

Final words

We have a team of expert engineers and a diligent customer care team that caters to your requirements. Please discuss your project with our experts—Request a quote.