Everything you need to know about cold store panels and cold room insulation

Cold weather is best for animals who need to store their food for the future. Similarly, humans have adopted this concept and now the usage of cold storeroom has come into being. Cold rooms play a very important part in businesses that deal with perishable items. A cold room is nothing but a huge storage facility. You can store perishable commodities in a cold room like food products, beverages, raw materials and medicines. 

There are different kinds of cold rooms and a lot depends on the storage requirements to decide what kind of cold rooms are best suited for you. However, cold store rooms can be customized and modified according to the requirements. One such modification of a cold room is by adding cold store panels for insulation.

So, what are cold store panels and how do they help in insulation?

The insulated cold store panels are formed by injecting polyurethane foam in between metal cladding at a very high density. These panels have monolithic construction and can maintain temperature and humidity inside the structure. These panels can be used for the walls, rooftop and even on the flooring. You can use these panels not only for the cold rooms, but also for refrigerated vehicles.

Here are the types of insulated panels used in the cold rooms

  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulated Panels
  • Polyurethane Insulated Panels
  • Compressed Straw Core Insulated Panels

Installation of the cold store panels

The installation process of the cold store panels depends on the type and size of cold room storage. These panels are ideal for cold rooms that occupy a large space. You will have manufacturers providing you with kits with complete description about installing these panels. However, you can also have the construction workers help you with the installation. For installation you would need:

  • Cold store panels
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Allen key


Firstly, it is crucial to get the perfect type of panel for your building. TSSC experts in the UAE ensure that you have the right panel for your cold storeroom. The right thickness and the right size can make all the difference. We have a team to take the measurement of the walls, ceiling, etc. Incase you are taking the measurement, make sure you have the right measurements with you. Don’t miss out on any spot, any small mouse hole, and etc.

The installation process is very simple. Contractors require an Allen key, screws and screwdriver. The panels are cut to the exact size and the workers fit the panels perfectly covering every space and every inch of the wall, floor or rooftop. Any gaps would mean air loss. 

The panels have high-redundancy

Insulated cold store panels can provide stability and strength to cold rooms. This technology is popular in the UAE because of its eco-friendly and economical nature. Apart from thermal insulation, cold rooms should be able to control grease, dust and bacteria. So, choose wisely and go for panels with a minimum R-value of up to 40. This ensures that the thermal efficiency is good enough for the storeroom. Also, check the thickness and weight of the panels before you decide on one.

Consult with the TSSC experts 

Want to know more before you decide on cold store panels, then consult the experts at TSSC Group. We have been manufacturing construction and building materials for more than 40 years. The professionals would be able to solve your queries to your satisfaction. request for a quote.