Get to know the key features of refrigerated trucks in the UAE

Industrial refrigeration is quite a common thing in the USA. The economy is expanding, and the industrial facilities keep the goods in optimal condition. The food business, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, and other commercial sectors require refrigerated trucks in UAE to transport temperature-sensitive goods from one place to another. UAE has a hot climate where perishable goods are stored in giant freezer units built with high-quality cold store panels in UAE. Transportation becomes a challenge, and investing in a refrigerated truck is great to ship the products over long distances without the fear of spoilage. TSSC Group is one of the most renowned and reputed industry manufacturers of high-end building products. Our engineered products are customized and a perfect fit for the logistic sectors. Here are a few reasons why refrigerated trucks can prove to be a great choice for delivering temperature-dependent goods.

Insulation – The key feature 

“Insulation on the go” is one of the reasons why refrigerated trucks in the UAE are so common. Thermal insulation helps to maintain a specific temperature inside the cold rooms. Although the trucks have air coolers attached to their bodies, thermal insulation is equally necessary for enhanced functionality. The refrigerated trucks get manufactured by TSSC with the help of only six cold store panels in UAE. The cold room panels avoid heat transfer and ensure the temperature inside doesn’t fluctuate. The high-density PIR core ensures excellent insulated panels that can regulate temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius to +15 degrees Celsius. The trucks have an automated condenser system, but if that might collapse during a failure, the insulation comes to the rescue by keeping the cold freezers at a specific temperature for at least 10 to 12 hours. The durable trucks ensure seamless and easy transportation for temperature-sensitive items that cover long-distance trips.

Energy-efficiency – The surprise element 

Thermal insulation brings energy efficiency too. The freezer vans have air coolers that operate 24×7, keeping the inside temperature cool. However, in case of cooler failure, the insulation keeps the indoors cool for at least 10 hours. Again, some automated condensers quickly turn off as soon as the chambers are adequately chilled. The airtight refrigerated trucks in the UAE provide good insulation to keep the items fresh and in good condition even without the cooler. Moreover, the energy load on the air coolers gets significantly reduced, which makes the trucks a great economical investment in the long run.

Reduces contamination – Highly hygienic 

The refrigerated trucks are not only a great insulated mobile unit, but they are extremely hygienic. The truck panels are waterproof, weather-tight, and mold-free. The truck bodies get manufactured with FM-Approved materials to ensure optimal fire-resistivity, longevity, and sturdiness. The trucks are customized to fit the needs of every industry and are spacious enough for heavy-duty loading and transporting.

Wrapping up 

TSSC has been an ISO-certified organization in the building and manufacturing industry for the last 48 years. Our cold store panels, seam roofs, and other materials are high-quality and superior. If you have a project in hand and want to get the trucks customized exclusively, book a consultation now. Request a quote.