Get to know why the sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa is a worthy investment

Cold storages help to store temperature-sensitive items like food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, beverages, chemicals and medicines at a specific temperature. Cold storages operate day and night to maintain extremely cold temperatures. The freezing temperatures should not fluctuate, as it would spoil or damage the temperature-sensitive commodities. To maintain the ideal temperatures inside the cold storage units, the need for sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa is essential. TSSC is an ISO-certified company. We have almost 50 years of expertise and experience in the building and manufacturing industry. TSSC is also one of the leading sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa. The experienced engineers at TSSC Group use advanced technologies to manufacture high-quality panels for different applications and projects.


Good quality sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa can last for at least 25 years or even more. The panels are durable and extremely low maintenance. The sandwich panels need yearly professional maintenance to serve the purpose and do not need any repairs or replacements for a long time.

Lightweight and quick to install

The sandwich panel manufacturers in West Africa manufacture lightweight panels that can get transported from one place to another without hassles. The lightweight sandwich panels are easy to install.  

Better than traditional materials

Traditional building materials like steel, concrete and wood are expensive and take longer construction time. The sandwich panels are comparatively affordable, aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and the construction is super quick.

Sandwich panels are a hot favorite for cold storages because:

Thermal insulation and energy efficiency: Cold storage units need 24×7 thermal insulation and airtight panels. The sandwich panels for cold storage in West Africa get aesthetically designed to ensure 100% thermal insulation. Cold storages need to maintain extremely cold temperatures and the air coolers work round the clock. Thermal insulation ensures that the cold air does not escape the storage units and the external heat gets reflected back into the outer atmosphere. Moreover, the sandwich panels are energy-efficient as well. Due to good thermal insulation, the pressure on the air coolers gets reduced, which lowers the energy consumption. Again, due to lower energy consumption, the utility bills get decreased, and you save money in the long run.

Insulated core: The sandwich panels have three distinct layers, but the innermost core performs the main function of insulation. The insulated core made from mineral fleece, polyisocyanurate, EPS (expanded polystyrene) and PIR (Polyurethane) offers excellent thermal insulation. The two outer layers protect the insulated core and offer the panel its rigidity and strength. The sandwich panels control humidity and are highly resistant to bacteria, molds, microbes, fire and sound. TSSC Group offers custom-made sandwich panels as per project criteria. 

Cost-Effective: The panels are an affordable choice as they are highly durable and the insulated core materials are cheap compared to other reinforced composite materials. TSSC panels are not susceptible to delamination and do not compact under vacuum. 

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