Investing in the refrigerated truck box in West Africa is a smart move

West Africa is a hot and humid country. Food, vaccines, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages and other temperature-sensitive items need a good cold storeroom in West Africa. Cold storerooms maintain a specific cold temperature to ensure proper storage of the items in an ideal condition. However, perishable and temperature-sensitive items need to get transported from one place to another. At this point, TSSC Group provides the most impeccable refrigerated truck box in West Africa. The refrigerated truck box is an insulated box with an attached refrigeration system that runs on wheels and helps in transportation. Thin insulated cold store panels in West Africa cover the entire truck box for ensuring complete insulation. The refrigerated truck box is useful for numerous reasons.

Energy-efficient truck boxes 

The refrigerated truck box in West Africa can control extreme cold temperatures inside. The freezer trucks, as it’s commonly called, get manufactured by the most experienced TSSC engineers. The experts use advanced technological techniques to develop new innovative freezer trucks that help maintain temperatures as low as -40°C up to +15°C. High-quality aluminum profiles ensure that the edges and corners of the truck bodies are well-protected and secure. The measurements of the perfect refrigerated truck go up to 7 meters in length and the width is only 3 meters. However, TSSC manufacturers and engineers can customize the refrigerated truck box as per specifications. The truck boxes offer good insulation. The premium quality cold store panels in West Africa ensure optimal thermal insulation. The higher the insulation, the greater the energy efficiency of the truck boxes, which leads to lower utility bills. TSSC Group uses only six insulated panels to cover the entire refrigerated truck and offer 100% thermal insulation. 

Distance is not an issue anymore

Earlier transportation of temperature-sensitive items was a cause of concern. The cold store room in West Africa used to keep the perishable commodities and items in good condition, but during transport, the items were often damaged or spoiled. With the invention of freezer-insulated trucks, the transportation of temperature-sensitive items is no longer a cause of worry. The truck boxes are extremely durable and have attached cooling systems that ensure that the temperature stagnates and does not fluctuate. Even if there is a cooling system failure, the insulated walls and roof of the truck boxes ensure good thermal insulation. The airtight truck boxes keep the cold air trapped inside and maintain the ideal temperature for at least 10 hours. No matter how long the road, the temperature-sensitive commodities get transported safely and securely even under extreme conditions.

TSSC Group is the one-stop destination for cold chain logistics 

With almost 50 years of experience and expertise in the building and construction industry, the TSSC manufacturers provide fully integrated capabilities for cold chain logistics. The experts offer a customized solution for every project. If you are in doubt, go for a free consultation or request a quotation with your project details. Get in touch today! The professionals are ready to assist you with your latest projects.