Know the reason behind the rising popularity of display chillers in Saudi Arabia

Food, beverages and other edible items get stored in display chillers or freezers. You will find these chillers in restaurants, supermarkets, pubs and grocery stores, where they need to display the products to attract customers. One of the biggest reasons for the demand for display chillers in Saudi Arabia is that they are an effective marketing tool. The chillers lead to ‘impulsive shopping’ and help your businesses make the sale smoothly, without investment. Since the lockdown has affected businesses, now is the time to get back with a bang. Therefore, invest in display chillers and get going with your brick-and-mortar business. Here are the few benefits of the chillers that would make you get one now.

Excellent thermal insulation 

Display chillers have locked glass doors to ensure that the customers can see the products clearly, but cannot open the doors. The locking system does not allow the cold air to escape the chillers and locks in the temperature. Most chillers have insulated walls that are airtight and don’t allow the heat to enter. However, thermal insulation is extremely necessary for chillers, as they have attached air coolers that work 24×7. In case of a power failure, the chillers ensure that the products stay cold for the longest time, even when the cooler is not working. Good insulation can keep the chillers at a specific temperature for hours together. 

One can find the super-functional and aesthetically pleasing display chillers in Saudi Arabia at TSSC. With the most experienced engineers and skilled manufacturers, TSSC can build airtight chillers that are weather-resistant with the power of controlling humidity and mold development. Furthermore, we ensure our factory-made chillers are extremely hygienic and offer maximum capacity without taking up much space. 

Internal lights to glamorize the edible products

Most chillers have internal lights to glamorize and promote the products. TSSC uses LED lighting as they are brighter and also consume less electricity. LED lights are affordable and get customized to be used as vertical or shelf lights. LED lights ensure that the products look yummy and attract customers for all the right reasons without looking OTT.


If you are worried that the display chillers would take up a lot of energy and your utility bills will go north, then it’s time to bust this myth. The chillers are energy-efficient and it reduces the energy consumption due to its insulation properties. In addition, the hygienic chillers are easy to maintain and lightweight. As a result, the chillers prove to be a cost-effective investment in the long run. It reduces energy consumption and its low-maintenance qualities lighten the financial stress on the business. 

Get the display chillers in Saudi Arabia from TSSC 

Our display chillers are a one-time investment as they are extremely durable and offer superior functionality. We are one of the leading manufacturers with a spotless reputation and exemplary expertise in the building and construction industry. With almost 50 years of experience, our display chillers in Saudi Arabia are among the finest ones in the market. Get our custom-made chillers today. Book a free consultation with our engineers and let us know your preferences. Request a quote now.