Knowing the benefits of sandwich insulated panels used in cold storages

Sandwich panels are extremely popular as they are being utilized in building insulated roofs and walls. The panels are ideal for installing structures like offices, cold storages, distribution centers, shopping malls, sports arcades, etc. Insulation is the key mainly in areas that have an extreme climate; UAE is no exception. TSSC is very popular in the Middle East for offering building and construction solutions, including manufacturing insulated panels. We design sandwich panels that are being used across a wide number of industries. 

Knowing about the insulating core 

Sandwich panels are named sandwiches because they have layers. Two outer layers are covering the core inside, just like a sandwich. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of insulated commercial panels. The core is very strong, offers insulation, and the sides are the protective layers. You might be eager to know what the core is made up of? The core is a heat-protecting material that protects against dampness, heat, cold, various climatic conditions, and fire. The outer coverings are enriching, hence safeguards the core. The core is very durable, yet extremely light-weight. 

The core is PIR (Polyurethane), EPS (expanded polystyrene), polyisocyanurate, and mineral fleece. You can choose the core based on your requirements. 

Sandwich panels for cold storages

Are you looking for sandwich panels for cold storage? TSSC is among the renowned sandwich panel manufacturers. Our TSSC sandwich panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The company has a team of expert and certified engineers who implement the most advanced technology. You can have a consultation with our experts; we solve your queries before your purchase. We suggest a solution according to your budget and requirements. So, if you have enough budget, invest in an EPS core. If you are looking for a solid core, choose the PIR solution. Mineral fleece has perfect resistivity to fire and sound. 

The importance of thermal conductivity

TSSC cold store panels have the ultimate insulation because we know the importance of thermal conductivity. These panels depend on cell structure and board insulation. Most of our clients are satisfied with the kind of panels we supply. These panels are low maintenance. They can also add efficiency to your cooling system. The installation process is very simple as well follows a single-installation procedure. Upon installing our panels, you can cut down on your operational costs. The insulated sandwich panels are devoid of thermal drift; this gives energy efficiency. 

TSSC are the experts 

There is an increasing demand for sandwich panels in the UAE. The weather in the Middle East is extreme, where days are very hot and nights are cold. Businesses that deal with perishable goods, medicines and depend on temperature cannot do without proper insulation. 

Do you have a project to discuss? Talk to the TSSC experts for a solution. We are the most renowned insulated panel manufacturers for more than forty years. We welcome reviews and feedback; write us your suggestions.