Need a durable roof covering? Install a standing seam roof in Oman

You can have plenty of options to consider when looking for a new roofing system for your property. However, we suggest you narrow down your choices and choose between a standing seam metal roof and a corrugated metal roof. If you conduct research, you will find installing a standing seam roof in Oman beneficial from all aspects. 

What is a standing seam roof?

It is a concealed metal fixed to the roof system featuring vertical ribs with a flat or a curved surface in the middle. The edges that exist on the sides of the roof panels are seamed together with the connecting panels. This is why these roofs have strength, weather-proofing qualities and sufficient insulation.  

Heavily coated metal 

Adding a roof covering can be a great way to improve insulation and extra protection. Therefore, metal roofs are gaining extreme importance in modern construction. Galvanized steel and aluminum are the two common materials used for metal roofs. The metal is heavily coated for double protection and color preservation. Standing seam roof panels are a versatile and architecturally advanced roofing system. 

Seams suitable for Gulf climate

The Gulf area experiences very hot days and cooler nights. The air coolers or conditioners require high performance even under pressure. This results in high energy bills and gradually low performance of your cooling unit. An insulated roof can help in reducing your energy bills by aiding in faster cooling. 

Robust standing seam roofs

A standing seam roof in Oman consists of two core and two fact sheets on the two sides. These panels are made from premium quality sandwich panels. TSSC seam panels are robust and reasonable. The standing seam panels are tapered and curved, but you can customize them based on your requirements. 

TSSC standing seam roofs

The seams are the weakest part on metal roofs, and they are prone to water penetration. The majority of standing seams have panels that are 1.75’’ to 2’’ in height. We suggest that seams be located 2’’ above the panel’s height to lessen the probability of roof leaks. TSSC engineers use longer sheets and avoid overlapping of panels. Our standing seam roofs allow expansion and contraction. When the temperature alters from hot to cold, the panels allow thermal movement. This is why you have the opportunity of having a sheet that is more than 40 feet in length. 

It is a lifetime roof – says the experts

Standing seam roofs are available in various color shades; they are fire-resistant and require low maintenance. This roofing is referred to as ‘lifetime roofs. Invest in installing one roof, and it would last for 40-70 years without any repairs. 

Why choose TSSC Group?

TSSC Group is an ISO 9001 company that specializes in manufacturing premium construction and building solutions. We offer roofing, cladding and high insulation solutions. We have been designing building solutions for more than 50 years and we have clients from different industries. We believe in offering reasonable customized solutions. TSSC is renowned among the insulated panel manufacturers in Oman. Our expert engineers have rich experience in designing modern standing seam roof panels. We have clients belonging to various industries and are content with our services.

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