The rising demand for prefab modular buildings – TSSC offering a wide range of prefab spaces in UAE

Sometimes stories sound too good to be true like a hospital that has installed plenty of bathrooms in just a couple of days, and only five to six laborers have worked for that. Or you might have heard about a housing project that slashes its delivery time by at least a third. The real estate industry has already chosen prefabricated construction, and off-site construction is gaining prominence every day. 


Modular buildings are cost-effective, faster to build, and safer to use, and it’s an alternative to usual construction. A prefab modular building could be the ideal option for your next custom building project or office space. These prefab buildings are constructed inside a controlled factory premise, and every module is set up individually. An assembly line procedure is used, which begins with constructing the frame, and it ends with the interior and exterior. Once the process is completed, the modules are transported to the site and are put together to set up a building. Onsite modular construction has an advantage, which is the overlapping of onsite and off-site building processes. 


The foundation plays a vital role in a permanent prefab modular construction. There are two types of foundation, the grade and raised foundation. The on-grade foundation is widespread, and it’s done by laying a foundation wall around the perimeter of the building. It’s ideal for creating a basement for buildings. To use an on-grade foundation, you need to set every module with a crane during the final assembling process. 


The raised foundation is suitable for a temporary or permanent modular construction. A raised foundation helps in placing the modules on concrete blocks. It is very much useful for temporary modular buildings because the structure can be taken off effortlessly without any chaos. You do not need a crane to keep the completed modules in place when using this kind of foundation. 

After completing all the onsite preparations, our experts perform the building installation. We follow a specific kind of order to deliver and stage the modules so that the assembling process is efficient and smooth. A crane is used to place the modules on the foundation, and the building components are attached. We also work on utility connects during this time; the exterior additions and interior finishes are all completed. 


By choosing modular buildings, you can save 50% of your occupancy and time. TSSC is the pioneer in manufacturing insulated panels; we specialize in designing and supplying prefab buildings for accommodation camps and site offices in the UAE. Till now, we have built many prefab homes, and we have a list of so many happy customers. If you are looking for labor accommodation units, kitchen and dining areas, office units, or storage spaces, you can order our Portacabins. We also have converted containers that are easy to transport and ideal to construct multi-story buildings. 

Our prefab buildings are energy-efficient, extraordinarily light-weight, and have durable steel frames for construction. It looks elegant, has faster erection time, weather-resistant, and also termite resistant. We also build prefab buildings with light gauge steel and offer onsite installation. Apart from this, we have specialized shelters for electrical equipment and telecommunications, converted containers for site storage, and FlatPack Modular units for easy transportation. 

Are you planning to opt for a prefab office building? Customers have the privilege to choose from a whole range of attractive finishes and materials for insulation. Our solutions are safe and render a comfortable interior, can endure harsh climatic conditions. When performed correctly, prefab construction can be beneficial to a project’s schedule, labor requirements, and budget.