The rising popularity of the standing seam roof Saudi Arabia – Why TSSC is hugely recommended

The hot climate of Saudi Arabia demands insulated buildings. The days are extremely hot and the scorching sun is merciless. Insulated residential and commercial spaces are a necessity for survival. The roof plays a vital role in the insulation of the building. Among all the roofing solutions, the standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is one of the most popular. However, you will find the finest quality products and materials from TSSC Group. The insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia get you premium quality products customized at a reasonable price. Here are a few reasons you need to invest in a roofing solution that gets you excellent insulation.

Thermal insulation is the ideal requirement of a roofing system

The standing seam roof in Saudi Arabia is highly popular for its insulation capabilities. Although you will find various other roofing systems, the standing seam is the most ideal. The standing seams are more durable, have a solid structure and offer excellent thermal insulation. The metal roof gets designed with divergent radius profiles and this makes them perfect for various roof leveling. The standing seam roof panel is also called the cool metal roof as it’s made with cooling pigments to reflect the heat back to the atmosphere. The heat waves get diverted back and cannot heat up the roof. The cool metal roof keeps the heat in check and ensures the cold temperature stays within for the longest time.

Reduces cooling expenditure and is highly durable 

The insulated panel manufacturers in Saudi Arabia have manufactured quality panels and roofing systems that offer maximum insulation and reduce the cooling cost expenditure. Did you know that the durable standing seams can last for more than 60 years, which is twice the lifespan of roofing shingles? The roofs get manufactured from copper, steel and aluminum. However, these roofs are well-insulated and energy-efficient, helping you make good savings in the long run. 

In commercial complexes, the air coolers need to work 24×7 to keep the indoors cool. Having an insulated roof will ensure that the cold air cannot escape. This does save not only energy but also lessens the burden on the air coolers. That’s the reason why an insulated roof can help you cut costs and reduce utility bills to a great extent. Another added benefit is that the standing seams have fire-resistant capabilities and won’t collapse under extreme weather fluctuations. The roof panels have the ability to withstand wind gusts of 140 miles/hour during the time of installation.

TSSC Group – The industry leaders for a good reason 

TSSC manufacturers are not only famous for providing customized quality roofing solutions. We also suggest a 1-year maintenance program for the upkeep of the roofing system. Our engineers know exactly what works for various applications and can easily customize the panels based on the project criteria and preferences. If you have a project in your hand and want to discuss the possibilities, get in touch with us. We offer a free consultation session. Our engineers would be glad to offer you suggestions and advice. Request a quote now.