TSSC designs functional building envelopes for the right kind of insulation and protection

If you are dealing with problems related to excessive moisture and air infiltration, building envelopes can help. A building envelope is a boundary between the exterior and interior of a construction. If you consider building design, it’s an essential component mainly due to its protection and maintenance. 

It’s a very effective solution that has weather-proofing properties. These building envelopes are like a physical barrier and are positioned in between the interior and exterior structures. The Middle East has a varying temperature, the days are hot and nights are cooler, so insulation is of utmost importance. This is why building envelopes are emerging as a popular choice in the construction sector. 


The benefits of cold rolled steel buildings:

Cold rolling happens with the metal below the recrystallization temperature; this enhances the strength with the strain hardening, which is up to 20%. Cold-rolled steel has various advantages; take a look:

  • Robust construction material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible modular designs 
  • Eco-friendly choice
  • Laying the foundation resulting in cost reduction


Steel is a very sturdy and common construction material used in interior and exterior construction. Builders have trusted TSSC and are ready to invest in cold rolled steel buildings. High-quality cladding and cold rolled steel are used to manufacture insulated and efficient building envelopes. Steel has more durability and strength compared to all other

materials. Steel offers a perfect solution for the building industry; it’s fire-resistant and non-combustible. The manufacturing process of steel allows flexibility and adaptability. Steel meets the requirements of all applications, both structural and non-structural.


Why steel is considered ideal for construction:

Steel is a recyclable and sustainable material, and this is why steel buildings are recyclable.

Building envelopes are powerful; they can control the internal environment for building construction. The cooling and heating of a construction structure are well-known for weather control. It is very crucial to keep the internal environment free from moisture, excess sound, and light. Building envelopes are efficient in covering the foundation, roofs, doors, walls, and windows. This protective shield is extremely complex and an essential part of the construction. TSSC is well-known in the Middle East for manufacturing modern and functional building envelopes.  


Cold rolled steel – ideal for primary and secondary construction:

TSSC steel panels are ideal if you are looking for solid insulation solutions. The panels are prefabricated structures and have sufficient insulation properties. The structures are ideally-fitted in the prefabricated structures spreading up to 24 meters. Cold-rolled steel can be used for primary and secondary construction. Are you looking for affordable insulated panels in the Middle East? TSSC is a reputed manufacturer that supplies high-quality panels. We are the leaders in manufacturing building materials; all the building contractors in the UAE trust TSSC. 


TSSC – ruling the industry for more than 40 years:

TSSC design includes expert engineering, uncompromising architecture, and other technical applications. We have a team of expert engineers who take into account all essential features during the manufacturing process. TSSC has manufactured insulated panels for more than 40 years; it is an ISO 9001 certified company. Please discuss your project with us; talk to us about your next project. Request for a quote.