EASYWALL lightweight concrete panels from TSSC for a successful construction

Lightweight concrete panels are made by attaching two calcium silicate panels in the form of a sandwich with polystyrene beads and ceramsite or cement. These are lightweight, non-load-bearing composite panels used in roofing, walling, and flooring. The mixture is made of a lighter weight abrasive aggregate, but sometimes a part or entire finer aggregate could be lightweight. Lighter aggregates used in structural concrete are generally expandable shale, clay, or slate that have been set on fire inside a revolving kiln to make it porous. 

Lightweight concrete is used to manufacture prefab wall, to make it one unit. It’s been used in various constructions very successfully. The biggest reason to use these is to lessen the weight of the concrete structures. The density of lightweight concrete is almost 80% that of the usual concrete. Some of the characteristics of these panels are:

  • Low density and high strength
  • Lower thermal conductivity
  • Fire-resistance and sound insulation
  • Gives speedy construction
  • Better quality construction
  • Save construction costs

TSSC Group manufactures lightweight cement wall panels under the brand name Easywall, a non-load carrying partition wall system. It is used to replace block works, Drywall, AAC, hollow blocks, and externally. We are dedicated to manufacturing quality panels in the UAE, which are suitable for efficient and innovative construction. These panels offer unbelievable value to the construction sector, helping builders, developers, and consultants meet the demands of the present-day construction requirements.  


Advantages of concrete wall panels: 

  • The panel is lightweight which allows easy installation and simple tools are needed for the construction
  • The panels have an extended lifespan and are very durable
  • These are soundproof, fireproof, and soundproof. The panels have 4 hours of fire-resistant
  • Due to the lightweight nature, the panels can be assembled very quickly, and you can reassemble it again in any other location.
  • It’s an economical and very environmentally-friendly solution. 
  • The surface finishing is very flexible.
  • The panels have a high-quality finish and are consistent.
  • A solid thermal insulation
  • Ease of shaping and cutting
  • Indirect and direct cost saving
  • MEP friendly


The EASY WALL is a wall panel made using fiber cement board for panel facings. An interior composite core material of lightweight concrete mixture is made from Portland cement, aggregates, additives, and Expanded Polystyrene and admixtures. The right combination of materials offers strength and rigidity. Our panels are fire-rated and suit all the acoustic applications. The available thicknesses are 75mm, 100 mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 300mm. The products include single panels, twin panels, cavity wall system, and insulated panels. These panels are used in:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Homes
  • Large-scale residential projects
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Retail facilities
  • Commercial buildings

TSSC panels are approved by the Dubai Municipality, ADCD, and Dubai Civil Defence and are tested by internationally accredited testing bodies. 

We design the most exquisite insulated panels, and it has been more than four decades into manufacturing insulated panels. Quality is our priority; we do not compromise with the quality at all. Discuss your next project with us, request us for a quote.