Why should you invest in a sandwich roof panel system?

A sandwich panel is made of three layers – a core with low density and a thin layer of skin bonded to both sides. These panels are used where a blend of higher structural firmness and low weight is needed. Sandwich panel roofing is a composite and façade cladding material produced by offering polyurethane injection in varying thicknesses in between the aluminum plate or galvanized sheet. It improves the aesthetic appearance of a construction. These panels have a soft core that is sandwiched between the two outer layers. When the core is added, the bending stiffness is increased without putting any heavyweight. 


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So, here are the reasons why you must choose installing a sandwich panel:


Sandwich panels make construction faster: 

When you use sandwich panels, the construction process gets less complicated, cheaper, and happens quickly. These panels are finished to perfection and are suitable for seamless and hassle-free installation. Considering the present construction market, working time plays a significant role in the process of cost optimization. The faster the structure is completed, the lower the construction service cost. Faster completion of structure also improves the ROI for commercial projects. 


Choose the core – flexibility:

Sandwich panels are available in three variants, and each of them uses a panel core. So, the cores are usually made of polyurethane, mineral wool, and EPS. Polyurethane is the most common type of thermal insulation material available in the market. When this core is used, the sandwich panels have better insulation, reducing the heating costs for the projects. These panels also save space inside the construction. The material has a low density, which simplifies the installation process. 

Panels having a mineral wool core offer efficient soundproofing and fire-resistance, thus providing a lot of safety. Panels with EPS core are the oldest and considered a low-budget solution and are used in construction where there is no strict requirement of thermal insulation and fire resistance. 


Colorful panels add to the aesthetics:

Aesthetics play a significant role in constructing business places like a warehouse, car showroom, store, manufacturing unit, and more. Therefore, TSSC design sandwich panels of different colors that look attractive and have a touch of modernism. 

The surface of the panel is non-porous; this makes it easier to clean. The coating materials are completely water-resistant so you can regularly clean to keep them shining for years. 


One manufacturer policy is ideal:

TSSC sandwich panels are available with a whole range of accessories; these include flashing, all types of fasteners for fitting to any substrate. You can also choose from a wide range of gaskets and seals to ensure the right sealing of partitions. When investing in sandwich panels, you can also look for proper light access; sometimes small polyester windows are available with flashings. These structures can be freely arranged so the building can be designed with gates and windows wherever needed. When you come to TSSC for roofing and cladding solutions, we offer you entirely. 

Sandwich panel structures can be freely arranged. The material is easy to process, so buildings can be designed with windows and gates wherever required.

Sandwich panels are popular for its versatile application, and TSSC in UAE is one of the biggest manufacturers of insulated wall and roof panel systems. Our panels are affordable and low on maintenance. Visit our website for more information, request a quote.